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Welcome Pack

Europrivacy is supported by an ecosystem of qualified partners (certification bodies and consulting firms). The Europrivacy Welcome Pack is based on a yearly contribution enabling the Client to benefit from the following advantages and services:

  • 1 Privacy Pact registration
  • 2 Europrivacy Certificate Fees
  • Europrivacy Supporter Status
  • Access to online tools and resources
  • Access to qualified partners and experts
  • Europrivacy Watch news with the latest regulatory updates
  • Access to an ecosystem of companies committed to personal data protection

The Welcome Pack can be integrated into consulting firm offers, which usually include the following services:

  • Privacy Pact registration
  • Selection of two data processing
  • Compliance assessment and documentation of the two selected data processing
  • Performing the DPIA and Risk analysis on the selected processing
  • Supporting remediation of non-conformities of selected processing
  • Preparing the Application and Targets of Evaluation for the certification
  • Requesting offers from Certification Bodies
  • Supporting the Certification Process by a Certification Body
  • Elaborating a certification plan

If the Applicant is satisfied, the Consulting firm will usually:

  • Implement the Certification Plan for additional data processing activities;
  • Provide continuous support for Compliance and Remediation in case of regulatory evolution;
  • Prepare the Applicant for the Surveillance Audits.

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