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Join Us as Expert or Partner

Europrivacy is supported by an ecosystem of qualified partners. The list of qualified partners is maintained and published by the European Centre for Certification and Privacy (ECCP). Applying partners must prove their expertise and qualification.

Join as Europrivacy Expert or Auditor

If you have expertise in data protection, in certification, or cybersecurity, you can attend courses on our Europrivacy online Academy to learn and become a Europrivacy expert or auditor. Apply to our online Europrivacy online Academy and join our Europrivacy registry of experts and to our Europrivacy registry of experts

Consulting Firms

Join as Qualified Consulting Firm

Consulting firms with recognized track record and expertise in data protection, including GDPR regulation, can apply to become a qualified Europrivacy partner.

Application form for Consulting Firm.

Cerification Body

Join as a Europrivacy Certification Body

Certification Bodies with a valid ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation and demonstrated expertise in data protection can apply to receive a license for delivering Europrivacy certifications.

Application form for Certification Body