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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our online Academy offers three courses for those interested professionals who wish to become experts of Europrivacy,

Europrivacy offers a wide range of resources, including useful documents and links, tools, training courses, online support, etc.

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Europrivacy collaborates with various partners, including global and regional consulting firms, as well as certification bodies.

Find out more on the Europrivacy Partners.

  • GDPR awareness
  • quick check
  • DPIA and risk analysis
  • audit and gap analysis
  • GDPR certification
  • surveillance and monitoring
  • impartiality

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The Europrivacy Welcome Pack is based on a yearly contribution enabling the Client to benefit from the following advantages and services:

  • 1 Privacy Pact registration
  • 2 Europrivacy Certificate Fees
  • Europrivacy Supporter Status
  • Access to online tools and resources
  • Access to qualified partners and experts
  • Europrivacy Watch news with the latest regulatory updates
  • Access to an ecosystem of companies committed to personal data protection

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  1. Apply to the Europrivacy Welcome Pack.
  2. Communicate your commitment to protecting personal data (Privacy Pact).
  3. Document your compliance with the support of qualified partners and tools.
  4. Choose a Certification Body to assess your compliance and report any residual non-conformities to be addressed.
  5. Demonstrate your conformity with an authenticated Europrivacy Certificate.
  6. Maintain and enhance your compliance thanks to continuous updates on data protection regulations, and yearly surveillance audits.

Europrivacy enables the assessment and certification of conformity of data processing activities with the GDPR and complementary national or domain specific obligations. Being applicable to various data processing activities such as emerging technologies, it enables data protection officers and auditors to assess conformity by gap analysis and internal audit, obtaining a formal Europrivacy certification of conformity.

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You first have to send an inquiry through 'Create a new account'. You will receive your login details by email.

Alternatively, if you already have an account through Europrivacy, you can use those login details to access your account.

If you already have an account but you are unable to login, please go to this page and enter your username or email to reset your password. You will receive an email. Follow the link to reset your account.

If you are interested in Europrivacy services or certification, please fill in this form.

If you have a complaint, you can send them directly to us through this form. Before submitting the form, please refer to our Complaint Procedure.